Pain Relief for Fibromyalgia: Natural or Mainstream?

Pain relief for fibromyalgia patients is the most crucial issue that their physicians must solve. Pain can be debilitating for all types of fibromyalgia patients, no matter how severe the case. Pain tends to wear the patient down so that he feels fatigued all the time and is not able to participate in activities like he used to do in the past, before the syndrome hit.

There is not a root cause that scientists have found for fibromyalgia. Some have speculated that it is caused by some sort of psychological trauma in the patient’s past. Others say that major accidents or surgeries are the root cause of fibromyalgia. Another theory is that chronic anxiety or stress cause the tension and pain in the muscles, as well as causing sleep deprivation which also lends to improper muscle repair, which is normally done during the deep sleep cycle.

Whatever the true cause of fibromyalgia, there are millions of fibromyalgia patients throughout the USA, all of whom need pain relief for fibromyalgia. Thus, researchers and scientists have been working on a variety of pain relief options for fibromyalgia patients. There are also fibromyalgia relief centers that specialize in the treatment of fibromyalgia. The different pain relief therapies come in two distinct groups: biological and psychological.


Biological pain relief for fibromyalgia treats the body’s symptoms of pain. Acupuncture is one means of blocking the pain felt by fibromyalgia patients. Reviews are mixed on whether acupuncture is truly a viable option, although many fibromyalgia patients have found relief through this method. Chiropractic treatment is another option which allows the C-1 vertebrae to be adjusted; relieving the compression in the meninges caused by upper cervical spinal stenosis in some fibromyalgia patients.

Other biological treatments include nerve blocks and gene therapy to reduce the pain in more severe patients. Analgesics and growth hormone therapy are also used in severe cases, but those treatments are prohibitive to some because of the high cost of therapy. The most common biological pain relief for fibromyalgia is the over the counter pain medications as well as trigger point injections, which inject an anesthetic into the problem muscle areas.


Psychological pain relief for fibromyalgia includes therapy to help reduce stress and anxiety. When stress and anxiety is reduced, pain is also reduced since muscles are more able to relax. In addition, the patient is also likely to sleep better, which gives the body time to repair damaged muscles during the deep sleep cycles. In addition, anti-depressant medication, anxiety medication and sleeping pills may also be given in order to reduce stress and allow the patient to relax and sleep.