Managing the Pain: Fibromyalgia Relief

There are many different methods of fibromyalgia relief available today. Fibromyalgia has no definitive cause at present, so there is also no cure. There are methods of fibromyalgia relief that commonly reduce and sometimes eliminate some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia. The over-riding symptom that fibromyalgia patients encounter is the pain, whether it is mild, moderate or severe. Regardless of the intensity, pain hinders the enjoyment and even participation in life’s activities, thus calling for pain relief for fibromyalgia patients.


Medication is one method of fibromyalgia relief. There are many over the counter pain medications available today that can relieve mild cases of fibromyalgia pain. If the pain is greater than that, since it invades all quadrants of the body, stronger medication is needed. Trigger point injections are the most commonly used to give fibromyalgia relief to moderate pain patients. Patients come in on a regular basis to have anesthesia injected into the muscles in areas that have the most pain. Brain mapping is helpful in identifying the areas that are most severely hindered by pain. Nerve blocks can also be effective in managing pain for some fibromyalgia patients. Analgesics, which are narcotic, are only used in the most severe cases of fibromyalgia pain, since they are addictive.

Psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic medications are also used to help relieve the symptoms that go along with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia patients often suffer from anxiety and depression. Therapy involves several aspects for patients. Patients are given tools to help them deal with the anxiety and depression that they suffer so that they can better relax and also have more energy in their lives. They may also be given anti-depressants or sleeping pills so that they can better manage their symptoms. That way, the muscles are better able to relax and patients are able to get enough sleep so that the muscles can be rebuilt during the course of the night, providing fibromyalgia relief.

There are also some alternative methods of fibromyalgia relief. Chiropractic treatment has been found to relieve symptoms in some patients. Acupuncture also has been found to be a viable option for reducing pain. Herbal and vitamin supplements help to give patients renewed energy and dietary changes, such as sugar and additive reduction or eliminating food allergies from the diet, have also been shown to increase energy in fibromyalgia patients. Some of the least accepted pain treatments are oxygen therapy and marijuana, and most doctors are not prone to prescribing either.