Appeasing the Symptoms: Best Medication for Fibromyalgia

Finding the best medication for fibromyalgia depends on each individual fibromyalgia patient and the particular symptoms that he or she is experiencing. The pain experienced each day by a fibromyalgia patient differs from day to day from mild to severe pain. In addition, there are a variety of other symptoms that can be experienced by various fibromyalgia patients, but not one set of symptoms experienced by all except for pain. At this point, there is no definitive answer to the cause of fibromyalgia, so there is also no cure for it. The only thing that doctors can do at this point for fibromyalgia patients is to recommend the best medication for fibromyalgia symptoms with which that particular fibromyalgia patient is dealing.


The only common symptom experienced by fibromyalgia patients is pain, so there are the most approved medications for fibromyalgia to help with this symptom. The best medication for fibromyalgia pain is based on the severity of the pain. For mild pain symptoms, over the counter pain medications usually suffice. These are usually less expensive than prescription medications and are readily available. Injections of anesthesia are another treatment that is the best medication for fibromyalgia moderate pain patients. These injections are fairly costly, but last longer than the over the counter medications. Analgesics are usually only prescribed in the most severe cases because they are cost prohibitive, insurance does not always cover it, and, as narcotics, can be addictive.

Sleep, Anxiety and Depression

Other symptoms that fibromyalgia patients experience have to do with sleep disorders, anxiety disorders and depression. Sleep disorders are usually treated through the use of sleeping pills. Treatment of sleep disorders is especially important since deep sleep is the time the body repairs muscles, which is vitally important to fibromyalgia relief from pain. Anxiety disorders are treated through medication as well as psychotherapy. Therapists help give patients tools to more effectively deal with stress as well as relaxation techniques. This is also vitally important for fibromyalgia patients because relaxation helps with sleep and also allows muscles to relax, thus giving relief from pain.

Depression can also be an issue for fibromyalgia patients, requiring the best medication for fibromyalgia induced depression symptoms. Anti-depressant medications are usually prescribed to combat depression, as well as psychotherapy.


The best ‘medication’ for fibromyalgia patients suffering from fatigue is monitored exercise. Exercise releases endorphins and raises the metabolism which helps to create the feeling of more energy. Other treatments involve diet changes and supplements, such as vitamins: B12, D, and magnesium.