A Relief from Pain: Fibromyalgia Medication

Fibromyalgia syndrome is still not very well understood. There are no known direct causes of the syndrome at this time, either biological or psychological. This makes it difficult to find one particular type of fibromyalgia medication that will relieve the symptoms of the syndrome. There are several new medications for fibromyalgia on the market since the syndrome has begun to be studied more by researchers and taken seriously by doctors.

Mainline Medications

Fibromyalgia medication falls into two main categories, mainline medications and alternative or natural medications. Mainline fibromyalgia medication has two subcategories: pain relief and psychological symptom relief.

Pain relief fibromyalgia medications are the most commonly used since the biggest symptom of fibromyalgia is widespread pain in the body, which hinders enjoyment in life and even everyday activities due to the pain. There are pain relief injections that target the problem areas for pain. These injections allow anesthetic to be injected directly into the painful muscle tissue, thereby giving temporary relief from the pain.

Over the counter pain medications are also widely used, since they are cheaper than prescription medication, although it can be argued that due to the amount of over the counter medication that must be taken to provide the same relief as prescription medications, the patient may end up paying almost the same amount in the end.

Psychological symptom fibromyalgia medication helps to relieve some of the psychological symptoms caused by the syndrome, and may also have helped to cause the symptom in the first place. Sleeping pills are the most commonly prescribed since sleep is hindered by the pain in the muscles. Sleep deprivation also hinders muscle repair which is done during the deep sleep obtained in the night.

Antidepressants are another commonly prescribed fibromyalgia medication, since patients often become depressed at their inability to participate in life activities as readily as they were used to doing. Depression and anxiety are also seen as contributing causes of fibromyalgia, so the treatment of these symptoms seems to help people who have this syndrome.

Alternative Medication

There are many alternative medications on the market, although not all of them have been approved by doctors and researchers as effective fibromyalgia treatment. Vitamin supplements are commonly used to help boost metabolism and energy in fibromyalgia sufferers. Various herbs are also used to help restore energy and balance, such as ginseng, licorice and rhodiola. The Myer’s Cocktail is also used, which is a nutrient cocktail that is given intravenously.