A Great Starting Place: Fibromyalgia Relief Handbook

A fibromyalgia relief handbook is something that would not have been found even twenty years ago. It used to be thought in the medical community that patients, mainly women, who came in with symptoms that are now known to be related to fibromyalgia, were called ‘hysteric’ and were treated for psychological problems.

Although it is true that there are psychological issues that often need to be addressed in relieving some symptoms of fibromyalgia, they are not the only issues to be addressed in order to provide relief to patients suffering from the syndrome. A fibromyalgia relief handbook provides information, not only on the theorized causes of fibromyalgia, but also gives the common symptoms and treatment for the syndrome, including natural fibromyalgia relief.


There are several theorized causes of fibromyalgia given in fibromyalgia relief handbooks. One cause is childhood trauma, which tends to lead to nervous disorders such as anxiety and depression if left untreated. These disorders inherently cause muscle tension which can develop into fibromyalgia according to researchers. Other probable causes are major accidents or surgeries. These cause trauma to the body and can impair muscle repair. Sleeping disorders can also lead to fibromyalgia since they hinder the body’s natural ability to repair muscles during deep sleep.


The diagnosis now has a formalized process, something that is detailed more clearly in fibromyalgia relief handbooks. Doctors now check to see if the patient’s pain is found in all four quadrants of the body. If it is in all four quadrants, then they check to see if the patient has pain in at least eleven of the body’s eighteen tender points. This diagnostic technique has greatly helped family doctors in distinguishing fibromyalgia from the other diseases and illnesses that it mimics.


Besides pain, there are many other symptoms that fibromyalgia patients may encounter. Bowel disturbances, fatigue, sleeplessness, increased menstrual pain and headaches are just some of the symptoms listed in fibromyalgia relief handbooks.


Fibromyalgia treatment is normally focused on pain relief, since it is the predominant symptom and the most debilitating. Pain can be treated conventionally through over the counter medication, prescription medication, nerve blocks, gene therapy, and analgesics. Psychotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments are also listed in fibromyalgia relief handbooks. Natural methods are also given such as dietary changes, herbal or vitamin supplements, as well as guided exercise programs. Fibromyalgia relief handbooks also list treatment centers that specialize in fibromyalgia relief.