Approved Medication for Fibromyalgia: A Growing Field of Study

In the past, fibromyalgia was assumed to be a ‘hysteric’ psychological syndrome that was only experienced by women. It was only treated through psychotherapy and none of the biological symptoms were believe or treated by doctors of the time. Today, there has been additional research done on the symptoms and causes of fibromyalgia so that more approved medications for fibromyalgia could be developed. At present, researchers have found that, although fibromyalgia is more commonly found in women of child-bearing age, it is also found in men, children and the elderly. Millions of Americans have experienced or are experiencing the syndrome, thus making the research more vital now than ever before.

Psychological Medications

Even though it is known today that fibromyalgia is not just a psychological syndrome, there are still some psychological symptoms that are either caused by the syndrome, or are part of the cause of the syndrome in the first place. One approved medication for fibromyalgia is the sleeping pill. Researchers have found that fibromyalgia sufferers do not usually have a regular deep sleep schedule. This is detrimental because the muscle tissue does not have a chance to be repaired during that deep sleep. Sleeping pills are one fibromyalgia medication treatment since it allows the patient to get the much needed deep sleep on a regular basis.

Another approved medication for fibromyalgia is the anti-depressant. Fibromyalgia can cause depression in patients because they are often not able to participate in the day to day activities they were once able to do. In addition, being in constant pain is wearing on patients, so it can also lead to depression out of sheer exhaustion.

Biological Medications

There are many approved medications for fibromyalgia pain treatment. Pain is the only symptom of fibromyalgia that is experienced by all fibromyalgia syndrome patients. All other symptoms vary depending on the patient. Over the counter pain medications are useful for treatment of mild pain symptoms. There are also prescription pain treatments for more severe pain. Analgesics are approved medications for fibromyalgia pain, although they are usually used only in severe pain cases since they are addictive as a narcotic. They are also expensive, so only some patients are able to afford them. Anesthetic injections are the most common treatment, since they last longer and are still fairly affordable.

There are also some growth hormone treatments that have been approved, but the research is still vague on the success of these treatments for fibromyalgia patients. There is also a Parkinson’s medication that has been found to be effective with fibromyalgia patients as well.