Take Control with Natural Help for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic and extremely debilitating musculoskeletal condition that can last for months and years. While there is currently no known cure, there are lifestyle changes you can make to ease fibromyalgia pain. Consider a multifaceted treatment program that employs natural help for fibromyalgia. Many experts have found a combination of natural therapies that reduce pain, anxiety, depression, and fatigue to be successful. The treatment of fibromyalgia can be frustrating for both patients and their physicians, which makes self help for fibromyalgia so attractive. Self help and natural help for fibromyalgia puts you in control. There are numerous natural therapies to be explored; but three approaches that are likely the most beneficial and least costly are proper nutrition and exercise.

Food Really is the Best Medicine

Quite simply put, natural foods equal natural help for fibromyalgia. You should eat a diet high in raw fruits and vegetables, with an emphasis on vegetables. At least fifty percent of your diet should consist of raw fruits and vegetables. That may sound difficult or boring, but it’s actually quite simple, and you can use some creativity to keep your meals interesting. For example, add a large, raw salad to your lunch and dinner meals, challenge yourself to eat only fruit until noon, and snack on raw nuts and seeds throughout the day. If you would rather not wake up to fruit, snack on it throughout the day. Keep in mind that apples are an excellent source of natural help for fibromyalgia suffers as they contain a compound needed to create cellular energy. If your fibromyalgia symptoms include digestive problems, consider juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh juices also contain large amounts of enzymes that help break down inflammation and reduce pain. Fruits and vegetables are the real deal to help you body heal.

Exercise is Very Wise

If you are not exercising already, start slowly and gradually build up the amount and intensity. Remember, the first step out the door is always the hardest, but the rewards of this natural help for fibromyalgia are great. Many fibromyalgia suffers are hesitant to exercise because the pain from this illness can be so disabling, and exercise can appear to worsen symptoms. The lack of exercise, however, weakens muscle tone and thereby truly causes symptoms to become worse. Finally, although exercise is considered to be fibromyalgia self help, it does not have to be done alone. Get an exercise buddy to help motivate you, and share this healing experience.