Best Fibromyalgia Diet Nutrition

If you feel exhausted all the time and have chronic pain in muscles and joints, you might be suffering from fibromyalgia. There are some tender points in the body such as back, neck, hips, legs and arms and they hurt when touched or pressed. Some of the other common symptoms of fibromyalgia are headache, insomnia, morning stiffness and trouble in concentrating. Research scientists have not yet been able to pin point the causes of fibromyalgia and there are no diets that have proved to affect it positively or negatively.

Fibromyalgia Diet Nutrition Guide

As the causes of fibromyalgia are not known, there is no particular treatment available for it. Best way to deal with it is to take a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Healthy food speeds up the healing process of the body. Fibromyalgia diet nutrition consists of foods that are low in fats and high in antioxidants. These oxidants work with phytochemicals to maximise energy and minimize fatigue.

Foods to Avoid

As a part of fibromyalgia diet nutrition regime, there are certain foods that must be avoided at any cost. These foods include chocolates, alcohol, coffee and carbonated beverages. For some people, mere the thought of leaving these foods can be scary. But if you learn how these foods affect your body and immune system, it will be easier.

As per a study, when you take carbonated drinks, it makes phosphorous release from your bones. Artificial sugar is responsible for causing memory loss. Caffeine is known to be diuretic, which implies that they make your body lose water and you need to drink additional water to replace the lost fluids. When we urinate often, the calcium from the body is lost much faster and it also puts more stress on liver and adrenal glands. Most of the people eat sugary foods when they are dealing with stress. Consuming more sugar puts more stress on adrenal glands. Other than these foods, there are many other foods that are known to cause fatigue especially the one that are acidic in nature.

Each food item affects different individuals differently. It is a good idea to maintain a food diary so that you note down whatever goes down your throat and observe how your body reacts to it. This will help you discover your own food sensitivities.

Important Food Guide

As a part of Fibromyalgia diet nutrition, there are some food groups that must be a part of your daily diet. Fibromyalgia diet plan must have lots of fruits, vegetables, water and exercise. If you can, drink fresh carrot juice everyday. Also, as much as possible, eat raw vegetables as they contain enzymes that help in digestion of food. Eat well, but do not starve yourself. Make the changes gradual so that it is easy for you body to adapt to the change and make sure that you get sufficient fibromyalgia diet nutrition. Phytochemicals present in fruits and vegetables are known to cure many diseases including cancer and heart problems. They also help reduce the pain in the fibromyalgia patients.